Our projects are sometimes one-offs but others return annually. Below you will find a summary of some of our projects.

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VZI Healthtech Talks

The Association for Hospital Intrumentation technicians (VZI) is an important partner in the work field of medical technology and delivers an essential contribution to solving such as aging, skills/professional recognition and the financial framework. The more than 1000 members are employed as medical technicians in hospitals, guest members are employed in the industry or education and have an important role in the whole life cycle of the medical technology. They advise about purchasing, take care of the maintenance of high-quality equipment and support users at an optimal use of medical technology. The purpose of the Association is aimed at promoting knowledge and strengthen mutual contacts.

Roijé Congressen organises since 2013 the VZI Congresses two times a year. A wide variety of topics are covered here with (inter)national speakers.

The Association for Hospital Intrumentation technicians (VZI)
Congress details
Thursday 14 March 2019 - Stöpler, Utrecht

NHV congress

Roijé Congressen organises the congress for the Nederlandse Hartfunctie Vereniging (Netherlands Society of Cardiac Function) once a year. We provide invitation booklets with a program of interesting speakers.

We are responsible for arranging the location, audio-visual equipment, food and beverages, sponsorship, the registration and accreditation at the SBHFL. All participants receive a certificate at the end.

Netherlands Society of Cardiac Function
Congress details
Following congress: Saturday March 16, 2019

NVVC congress

Roijé Congressen has been organising the NVVC’s (Netherlands Society of Cardiology) spring and autumn congresses since 2004. These 2-day congresses have grown over the years and now have 550 participants each day. This keeps the project challenging for us and we are more than happy to work with the NVVC bureau.

For this congress we are responsible for the contact and negotiations with the location, audio-visual support, participant registration, hotel accommodation and producing the program booklet. Furthermore we arrange all communication around sponsorship and things like hostesses and decorations.

Netherlands Society of Cardiology
Spring congress
11 and 12 April 2019, Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam
Autumn congress
7 and 8 November 2019, Papendal Arnhem

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